With drupal support and maintenance, your drupal site, your drupal website will be supported. You won’t have to depend on the drupal community, drupal.org, or help@drupal.org for help anymore. You don't have to spend a lot of money either with our affordable drupal maintenance and support. With our maintenance and support plans, we provide Drupal website maintenance & support services for drupal modules. Similar to Acquia support we have professional expert Acquia-certified developers using drupal to help you with drupal services and Professional Drupal website support and maintenance supporting any level of complexity.

24/7 Dedicated Support and Maintenance for your Website

Drupal Support

Drupal website maintenance and support


Need help resolving tech issues on your website? We speed up and secure Drupal websites. We help with Drupal development, maintenance, optimizations, and monitoring. Contact us! Drupal Agency. Drupal Developers. Drupal Help.

With our Drupal support services and maintenance services, you get a support team to help your drupal software.  Our Drupal Support team doesn't just maintain your platform; we constantly question what more can be done to make your website better. We offer drupal support and maintenance support packages. We are a a drupal support provider and a member of the drupal association. Our drupal maintenance and support supported versions are Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and Drupal 9. Even when the the drupal security team says something is not supported, like Drupal version 7 will be in 2022, our drupal experts will still be able to help.
The service as a drupal support provider includes:

  • drupal installation
  • support and maintain modules and core
  • drupal development
  • Responding to support requests
  • Top level of support
  • Offer support to website managers

With drupal website support and maintenance your site will be fully supported. For ongoing support and maintenance support packages, click here to subscribe. How much does it cost for Drupal Support Services? How much does Drupal Website Maintenance Cost? Click here to find out. To help you decide on a Drupal support partner, we have put together everything you need to know about Drupal support and Drupal maintenance and how to choose the best Drupal support agency.  
We can support drupal like no other company can support drupal. Each of our support plan covers one drupal instance to update drupal and perform drupal core updates.
We also offer drupal 6 long term support and will happily answer your support questions. We support the drupal platform and those who need drupal support. If you need help to install drupal or have questions because you are a new drupal, we can help.
is drupal the cms of your website? Then you may need the help of expert drupal developers.
There are no other drupal agencies that will be able to make drupal easy for you if you are looking for support. We field hundreds of support tickets every day. Similar to how Acquia supports the drupal theme or an existing drupal module, we add support for the drupal content management system. Wordpress has built-in support, but drupal core does not.
From Drupal migration to 24x7 support and maintenance, we can help.

Get help with Drupal software

We can help with your Drupal cms. We offer drupal 7 vendor extended support and unlimited support. Drupal documentation is constantly evolving which make it hard for normal people to to run drupal. We offer whitle label help to drupal agencies in need of a drupal company for the most complex drupal environments. We are always available for professional drupal support. We can also help with wordpress & civicrm support for publishers in non-profit and support sla drop support from drupal aid.
Updateing a drupal core release is included with our ongoing drupal support and maintenance plans. Full support is included in our support and maintenance packages as well as well as technologies drupal website support and maintenance plans will support for a phpunit version. But rest assured support is available. Drupal answers can be had for people running drupal commerce even after it becomes no longer officially supported. Drupal groups can help with drupal upgrades or the customer can contact acquia support in accordance with their drupal solutions plan. However, we support the drupal code, support and development, supported drupal modules, which means our plan supports the drupal software project even after it will be no longer be supported by the community at large. We support it.
Our professional drupal support and maintenance does not cover custom drupal modules. Many drupal shops write custom modules for the drupal content management system which includes unlimited diagnosis support for acquia. As premiere support vendors, getting support for the customer application's support region business hours, excluding regional only supports the support and maintenance team.
Your drupal support and maintenance plan covers even the most complex drupal environments, always. Drupal.org does provide comprehensive documentation and support forums to ask questions, but it’s hard for normal people to understand. Drupal maintenance contracts need to cover drupal security, update changes, and support for modules not marked as abandoned.
Vendor extended support to their customers and who have drupal specific hosting of drupal professionals for every major drupal version. Levels of drupal support including diagnostics acquisition from your drupal support and maintenance provider.
With our drupal support and maintenance experts, our drupal experts help build, support, and maintain the support the development of Drupal websites, so you can focus on your business without worrying about drupal. You get unlimited support for content syndication infrastructure issues which impact application drupal support & maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about is support for your website, like other modules, acquia support doesn't provide code support for.
Those with technical knowledge to maintain drupal 7 are invited to challenge us. The company must provide paid support to drupal website that receive support for 10 years of drupal website support. Support and regular updates under sla web support ticketing system, telephone

Drupal Support

Our Drupal support and maintenance services offer Unlimited Drupal support, fixes, proactive website maintenance, security updates, 24/7 same day turnaround from $99 for your website. Drupal Aid is a USA Drupal website support agency for end-users and website owners. Call 412-281-2817 today!


Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

Get Unlimited Drupal support, Monthly maintenance, and Unlimited small jobs starting at $99/mo.

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Drupal Support, Fixes, & Updates
How can we help your Drupal website?

You can't do it all yourself, which is why we're here to help.


Helpdesk Support
Get help when you need it

We're happy to answer your support questions. We commonly field questions regarding maintaining Drupal, installing themes and modules, resizing/optimizing images, creating website content, website analytics, basic on-page SEO, and much more.


Fixes & Repairs
We'll fix the problems

We specialize in small fixes and updates, jobs that are too small to interest web agencies but too technical for you. Random error messages? Some Views giving you trouble? Doesn't look good in IE? We'll make any repair that's less than 30 minutes*.


Managed Maintenance
Proactive monthly security updates

With all of our Managed Maintenance Plans, we take care of your Drupal Core and Contributed module security and code updates without you having to ask. We also scan for bad links, malware, and slow page speeds, as well as provide daily off-site backups.


Unlimited Small Tasks
Simple Process. Ask and Receive.

With our Pro Plan, you can send us any update tasks that take 30 minutes or less and we'll make the changes for you. Ask us a question and we answer you. Report a problem and we fix it. It's that simple. Don't worry about website updating anymore.


Easy Pricing Plans
Never pay hourly fees and no long term contracts

There is no limit on how often you can supply us with new content, ask support questions, or send us problems to fix - we don't charge by the hour. There is never an extra fee or charge.


100% Guaranteed
No-Risk Trying Us Out

We back our service with a 30 day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't happy with our service, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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Why you need
Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

We know you're a busy person and your website isn't receiving the attention, nurturing and maintenance it needs. Or maybe there has been an error message on your website for months now and you have no idea how to get rid of it. And so, there it sits, doing nothing, languishing...all alone. We can help.

We maintain and support Drupal websites for busy business owners. Let us provide your website with things such as proactive maintenance, bug fixes, security updates, and the extra special attention it so desperately needs. The reality is, if you want your website to work, it must be fresh, it must be cared for, it must be supported.

What Clients
Say About Us


You guys are fast! I am so pleased with your work on the website. You are professional and efficient and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Colleen B.

Non Profit Drupal 7


Thank you @Drupal Aid for coming to my rescue and fixing my site so quickly! Fantastic customer service!!!

Nancy T.

Non Profit Drupal 8


How to Get Started
with Drupal Website Support & Maintenance

It's Easy to Sign up and get your website Secured, Updated, & Fixed.

Subscribe to a Drupal Website Support Plan.

Sign up for one of our monthly Drupal website support and maintenance plans. Remember, there are no contracts, so you can change your plan or cancel at any time. There is No Risk in trying us out.

Provide your Drupal Website's Details.

As soon as you sign up, you will fill out a website profile form which gives us the necessary information to access your Drupal website so we can start securing it ASAP.

We Onboard, Audit, and Secure It.

Our Drupal experts will clone your website to our internal servers and audit your entire website. With the audit information, we make detailed notes of any special functionality, requirements, or intricacies to be aware of when performing your proactive security and maintenance services. Once the audit notes are complete, our team will immediately scan for any security issues and patch anything that is outstanding. We'll update Drupal core and any contributed modules, and stay on top of any security advisories for Drupal as they arise.

We Are Drupal Aid
Your Drupal Support Team

Drupal Aid provides Drupal Support and Maintenance Services for end-users and website owners. We fix broken Drupal Sites. We install security patches and code updates. We empower you to focus on your business without worrying about Drupal. You get access to the world's best developers for website maintenance, website support, & small jobs.


We're Passionate about Every Site
Doing the work we love to do

We do Drupal on a daily basis. We love fixing Drupal website problems and taking care of your Drupal issues.


We're Drupal Professionals
We've been working with Drupal for over 10 years

From basic CSS, to content types, to Views and Panels, we enjoy working within every facet of Drupal.


We're Willing and Able
Available When You Need Us

From email to chat, having a Drupal support professional at your beck and call is priceless.


We're Experienced
Pittsburgh Based, in business 17 years

Drupal Aid is a service business founded by 2440 Media (2440media.com), a Pittsburgh-based web design firm started in 2002.


How to Get Your Drupal Website
Fixed, Updated, Supported, or Repaired

It is so Simple to have us Support and Maintain your Drupal Website.

Send Your Request

Send your jobs or support questions via email. Need to update photos, delete an employee bio, change product prices, add a blog post, swap out a PDF, or fix a form error? No problem.

We do the updates

Our experts do the work within 24hrs if not sooner depending on how quickly the task may take. We backup all of your files before starting and proof check everything once completed.

Review & Approve

Once the work is done, we will send you a preview (if you requested it) prior to pushing it out to the public. Its like having your own in-house web team, but without the hassle and expense.

Ready to Sign Up Your Drupal Website?

It's time to get your Drupal site Secured, Updated, & Fixed

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