Drupal Maintenance and Support Pricing

It's time to get your Drupal site under control. We'll give it the love and attention it deserves. As soon as you choose a plan, we can get started right away. The first thing we do is audit the entire site and get familiar with how your developers set it up. Then we immediately scan it for security issues and get them remediated ASAP. If you have any questions, please click the online chat below or email support@drupalaid.com. We look forward to working with you!




3 Month Minimum



3 Month Minimum



3 Month Minimum
Setup Fee $0 $0 $0
Support for 1 Site      
Same-Day Security Updates        
Monthly Module Updates        
Monthly Broken Link Scan        
Monthly Security Scan        
Monthly Manual Site Check        
Monthly Speed Test        
Offline Updating        
GIT Version Control        
Detailed Work Notes        
Testing After All Updates        
Security Guarantee        
Hack/Malware/Down Recovery        
Uptime Monitoring        
Daily Offsite Backups        
Free Basic Website Hosting & SSL        
Unlimited Support        
Unlimited Website Repairs & Fixes*        
Unlimited Website Updates*        
Average response time 24hrs 12hrs 8hrs
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* Subject to reasonable use (see FAQ's below). Small Repair and Update Jobs must be requested one at a time and take no more than 30 minutes, only urgent jobs are completed on weekends.

Money Back Guarantee

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What People
Say About Us

  You guys are fast! I am so pleased with your work on the website. You are professional and efficient and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.  

Colleen B. - Non Profit Drupal 7


  Thank you @Drupal Aid for coming to my rescue and fixing my site so quickly! Fantastic customer service!!!  

Nancy T. - Non Profit Drupal 8



Frequently Asked Questions


What versions of Drupal do you support?

We support Drupal 6, 7 and 8. Sorry, no Drupal 5. Yes, we still support Drupal 6 LTS.


What happens if a module or theme update breaks my site?

The simple answer is that we fix it. We go out of our way to ensure compatibility before we update modules, themes, or Drupal versions, but sometimes the results of an update are unexpected and things break. In those rare scenarios, we quickly repair the issue and contact the plugin or module maintainer so they can work on patching the issue. Generally these types of issues are caught in our Staging Environment before we deploy any update to the live site.


Are Major version upgrades of Drupal included?

No, upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 or even 7 to 8 can be a painstaking process depending on the architecture of your site, the particular modules being used, and how your theme was constructed. Sometimes the same modules do not exist in the newer versions so you may need to rethink some functionality, and the theming layers between Drupal 6, 7, and 8 are all different so your theme will most likely need to be re-coded to work properly. The best time to do a major Drupal version upgrade is when you are doing a redesign of your website. Our proactive maintenance updates only cover security and code updates for your current major version of Drupal.


How can you help me?

We're the Drupal support experts and our team solves dozens of problems every day. If you have a Drupal problem but not sure if we can help, please use live chat or contact us to find out more.


What is the limit to the tasks you can perform?

The tasks we complete for your site must be under 30 minutes of development effort. That helps us make sure that we can keep all of our customers happy. This means that 30 minute tasks are in scope and larger more complex projects are out of scope.


Is there a limit to how many times we can call on support?

We will support a reasonable number of requests per site. We expect people to be fair and we'll let you know if you aren't being reasonable.


Are there limits to the tasks that Drupal Aid will do?

To ensure we keep all of our customers happy, we only do small fixes and jobs. This means that 30 minute tasks are in scope and more complex tasks are out of scope.


I'm not sure if my job is a small 30 minute job, what do I do?

If it seems like a small job, just sign up and we will do our best to fix it for you. If we can't, we will give you a full refund. You can also ask before you signup, click here


This sounds too good to be true! How do you provide "unlimited" support?

We're fair and we've found that our clients are as well. We will happily support a reasonable number of tasks per site, but we'll also let you know if you are overdoing it.


Free Basic Hosting! What???

We have lots of clients come to us with really slow shared hosting accounts. This is for you if you currently have some cheapo hosting plan that can barely load a page in Drupal or if your hosting company is down a lot. Our Free Basic Hosting is reliable (99.9% uptime) and configured just for running Drupal sites, so your site will be fast and responsive. If you already have Pantheon, Acquia, dedicated servers, or something that's already really fast, then you'll want to stay there. This is an optional feature, definitely not required.


Will you support more than one site?

Yes. However you can only have one site per plan, so you will need to sign up for another plan for another site.


What don't you do?

Drupal Aid specialises in support, maintenance, small fixes, and updates. This means there's a lot of work that we don't do, including new site design or re-redesign, PSD to Drupal conversion, major new features, custom web development, SEO, PPC, hosting, content creation, and any task taking over 30 minutes. If you aren't sure feel free to ask, click here.


Can I change my plan after signup?

Of course. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time by visiting your billing portal. If you aren't sure how to access the billing portal, contact us and we'll send you a link to your personal portal.


How does billing work with Drupal Aid?

We offer monthly recurring billing which automatically charges your credit or debit card each month. You never have to worry about missing a payment or mailing a check. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.


Do support Drupal Multi-sites?

Yes, BUT, you must have a seperate Drupal Aid account for each site contained within your multisite. Despite multisites sharing a codebase, the individual sites can be totally different in nature and include their own unique modules. This can actually make multisites much more difficult to maintain because a single change in a shared codebase can have different effects in the various sites. So we treat each site as it's own and manually confirm that everything is updated and works properly.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, please see our affiliates signup page for details.


Do you provide by 24/7 support?

99% of our jobs are completed from Monday to Friday during regular business hours 9AM-5PM EST. We keep an eye on incoming support tasks over night and over the weekend, so if there's an urgent issue we can call a developer in to help.


How long does a task take to complete?

Most of our tasks are completed on the same business day and often within a few hours. If you request a task over night, we will take care of it in the morning. If you request a task over the weekend, we will take care of it on Monday morning unless we deem it to be urgent.


I'm thinking about signing up... when will you solve my problem?

Getting started is straightforward and easy, which means our team will start working on solving your problem on the same business day you sign up.


Is there a phone number to call when something really bad happens and we need OMG help right away?

We do everything via email so just email support@drupalaid.com when you need anything. It's monitored all the time.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you're not 100% satisfied with our service in the first 30 days, we will refund your subscription.


I have a question that you haven't answered, where can I find out more?

Please use our Contact form or email support@drupalaid.com so we can answer your question.

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